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4 Tips That Help You Hit Work After You’ve Had a Baby

Most working moms will agree that the first few weeks back at work are the toughest. Lack of sleep, emotional upheavals, stringent deadlines and spiraling professional commitments stretch you beyond imagination. Moreover, as a new mother, you may wonder how the workplace or role would have changed while you were away. It is, therefore, not surprising that most new mothers feel pressurized when getting back to work.

Here is what you can do to manage your new phase of life better:

1. (Re)define your professional goals
Once you’re back to office, it is normal to re-evaluate your professional and personal goals to ascertain whether these have changed now given that you are a mother. If your goals remain unchanged, then there is no need for a new plan. However, if your goals have changed, then look for career options that support your new priorites whether they be flexible work timings or contractual projects.

2. Stay in touch with your manager
Your manager can play a key role in a smooth transition back to professional life. You should schedule short meetings with your boss on a periodic basis even when on leave or after you rejoin. This will not only help you re-align your professional goals but receive the necessary support to settle at work in the initial few months.

3. Be patient
It is important for working mothers to give themselves time to adjust to the new responsibilities. Just because you have a child now doesn’t mean your ambition needs to take a back seat. Your work and career deserve your time as much as your family does. So don’t fret, with time and patience, you will be able to juggle between the two roles effortlessly.

4. Know your workplace policies
It all comes down to utilizing the workplace policies effectively to face fewer hassles in your professional life. If your company provides you with flexible work options such as work from home, then managing professional commitments with a child will become easier. Talk to your HR to find out about the various policies your employer offers for new parents.

Enjoy this new phase of your life, and effectively balance career and family with these tips. Many employers these days are taking into account the challenges of new age parenting. If you are returning from a maternity break and looking for a job, head to monster.com.ph.

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