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Billing Clerk Job Description : Roles & Responsibilities

A Billing Clerk job can be found in practically every company, regardless of industry. Billing Clerks are responsible for creating invoices, serving invoices, generating purchase orders, and drafting credit memos, as well as other tasks. Keep track of income and overhead costs with the help of a billing clerk. For large corporations, these transaction sums can be enormous.

Success in this career will be guaranteed if you have a meticulous nature. A worker who has worked in accounts receivable or accounts payable can rise through the ranks to this job.

Invoices, credit memos, accounting records, customer information, and payment reminders are all handled by billing clerks. Customer service is handled by these people, who send out invoices and respond to questions. A billing clerk  job is to create bills and credit memos, update customer files, and send invoices and payment reminders to consumers.

Customers are their major point of contact outside of work. They interact with the shipping and order entry departments on a day-to-day basis. Billing clerks job requirement is they must be well-versed in accounting procedures and well-versed in time management in order to be effective. \

Excellent communication skills and an ability to deal with numbers are required for a top applicant. 

What is a Billing Clerk Job?

Billing clerk duties should begin with a concise description of the position and its role in the firm. Your summary should give an outline of your firm and what you hope to accomplish in the role. 

  • Make it clear what the billing clerk job entails, so job seekers can see if they’re qualified and if the position is a good fit for them. Billing clerks are needed to communicate with consumers about payments, issue invoices, and process credit notes for our company. 
  • Other responsibilities include maintaining accounting records by entering new information about issued invoices, payments, and customers. In addition, assist the accounting department with the creation of financial reports while managing multiple tasks simultaneously. 

What is the role of a Billing Clerk?

The samples of responsibilities from a genuine billing clerk job show what they are expected to do daily.

Those who work as billing clerks are responsible for creating invoices and credit memos for customers. There are several different titles for billing clerks, such as posting clerks, financial clerks, and invoice clerks. Billing clerks are a common starting point for accountants.

Billing clerks duties in various industries, including healthcare, retail, casinos, restaurants, manufacturing, and transportation. 

When you work for a company in a specific industry, the demands of your position will be different. 

For the most part, billing clerks are responsible for producing invoices and credit memos and then distributing them to customers and clients.

Billing Clerk job descriptions must be precise to attract the best possible candidates.

Customers are their major point of contact outside of work. They deal with the shipping and order entry departments daily.

Overview of the Billing Clerk job profile and duties

  • Credit memos can be generated
  • Invoice customers by creating and sending them a bill.
  • Statements should be sent to customers.
  • Maintain client files to reflect any payments or credits received.
  • Make a note of any anomalies between the shipment records and the invoices.
  • Ensure that all clients’ contact information is up to date.
  • Create invoices using our online invoicing system.
  • Initiate and implement new billing procedures
  • Respond to client questions about billing.

The finance manager, finance director or head of accounts payable are all possible reporting lines for a billing clerk. You’ll be in charge of the company’s incoming cash flow. The primary responsibility of this position is to handle customer accounts. Responsible, trustworthy, and conscientious billing clerks must be sought out.

Responsibilities of a Billing Clerk job

  • Discover unpaid invoices by analyzing financial data
  • Invoice, credit, bill, and order statements should be gathered and sorted.
  • In accounting software, input all necessary information.
  • Prepare invoices for clients and suppliers.
  • Invoices can be sent electronically, via regular mail, or certified mail.
  • Process of monetary transactions via a variety of means.
  • Send out reminders and final notices to those who have been delinquent or dilatory.
  • In accounting software, keep track of and update all payments. Invoice customers for their purchases
  • Add issued bills to customer records.
  • Manage the credit memos.
  • Bring up-to-date contact information for customers in the master customer file
  • Keep an eye out for discrepancies between your shipping log and invoicing register.
  • Customers’ invoicing websites can be used to submit invoices
  • E-transfer of invoices is possible. 

Employment prerequisites for a Billing Clerk job requirements

  • In accounting or a similar industry, a bachelor’s degree. Entry-level and mid-level billing clerks have different educational requirements. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, or marketing is typically required for a mid-level position.
  • Master of Science in Accounting (Preferred)
  • Billing experience of at least five years
  • Intuitive mathematician
  • Organizational prowess
  • Excellent ability to work with others
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations
  • Microsoft Office literate Notably, Excel
  • Acceptance of a background check
  • knowledge of accounting law and legal procedures
  • Working knowledge of accounting software, such as Quickbooks. Working with complicated data sets on a daily basis.
  •  If you want to succeed in your new position, you’ll need to be familiar with financial standards like Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • I think it’s a good idea to continue your studies.

Billing clerk job pay in a Billing Clerk job

Billing Clerk salaries in Indian Head, MD normally range from $39,944 to $48,511, but the average is $44,120. Many factors, like schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the amount of years you’ve worked in your field, influence salary ranges. 

Billing clerks make an average of $14.77 per hour in the United States. Depending on your degree of expertise and where you work, you can expect to make anywhere from $7.25 an hour up to $25.35 an hour. 

Essential skills for your resume and career as a Billing Clerk Job

Accounts must be accurate and current at all times via a billing clerk’s use of financial knowledge. In order to succeed, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Organizational and time-management abilities are exceptional.
  • First-rate customer service abilities and the ability to perform efficiently under pressure
  • conscientious, detail-oriented approach to life
  • capacity for problem-solving
  • The ability to depend on oneself and a solid ethical work

Billing clerks can advance their careers by demonstrating superior performance and earning certifications.

  • Basic knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures.
  • Incredibly strong verbal and written communication abilities
  • Excellent time management and organizing skills.
  • Abilities to deal with unexpected situations.
  • Expertise in a Microsoft Office Suite or other comparable application

Why pursue a career as a Billing Clerk job?

If you don’t plan to continue your schooling after high school, you may choose to consider a career as a billing clerk. On-the-job training is the norm for billing clerks. The pros and drawbacks of billing clerking should be considered before deciding whether or not this career path is suited for you. Good pay (median annual earnings of $34,410)* Good job prospects (18 percent increase in jobs from 2012 to 2022)* Work in a range of office environments.

Conclusion on Billing Clerk Job Description

Make a list of the talents needed and desired for role of billing clerk job.  An individual’s educational background, previous work experience and credentials are all examples of this. Additionally, you can list the soft skills and personality attributes that you are looking for in a potential employee. An overly extensive list of skills and qualifications could deter eligible applicants from submitting. Make sure to include relevant keywords and concepts in your list of qualifications, but keep it short and sweet.

FAQ on Billing Clerk Job Description

Q:1 What are the primary responsibilities of a Billing Clerk?

A: Billing Clerks are responsible for preparing invoices, processing payments, and maintaining accurate financial records. They ensure timely and accurate billing to clients or customers.

Q:2 What skills are crucial for a Billing Clerk?

A: Essential skills include attention to detail, proficiency in financial software, strong communication, and organizational abilities. Billing Clerks should also have a good understanding of basic accounting principles.

Q:3 What qualifications are typically required for a Billing Clerk position?

A: Most employers seek candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. Some positions may require additional education or relevant certifications in accounting or bookkeeping.

Q:4 How does a Billing Clerk collaborate with other departments?

A: Billing Clerks often work closely with the sales, customer service, and finance departments. They communicate with these teams to resolve billing discrepancies, ensure accurate invoicing, and address customer inquiries.

Q:5 What is the career progression for a Billing Clerk?

A: Billing Clerks can advance to roles such as Senior Billing Clerk or move into supervisory positions within the finance department. With further education and experience, they may pursue careers in accounting or financial management.

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