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CV Format for Freshers & Templates

When starting your career and looking for your first-ever job, you want to impact your recruiter, which will set you apart from other applicants.

And the only way to do that is to have an on-point CV for freshers since this document will be responsible for getting you through the first selection stage.

There is no definite CV format. All that you need to take into notice is how the details are presented and what is an effective way of writing these details. Here, you will find all you need to know about writing an effective CV.

What is a freshers CV?

CV is the abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae. In Latin, it means the “course of life”. As this document plays quite an essential role in getting you your first job, make sure that it is tailored according to the job description you are applying for.

Mention all your achievements, education, awards, work experience, scholarships, and skills to make the right impression.

Having a CV for the job will become your best marketing tool when entering the job market.

Thus, you need to add all the details that can increase your selling points and, you can bag as many interviews as possible with prospective employers.

Instead of starting with a blank page, use a CV template for freshers. This way, you will know which information is entered in what order.

Difference between a CV and Resume

As a newcomer to the job market, it is natural to get confused with these two terms. The difference between CV and resume is very slight but it is always good to know it so that you are never faced with the predicament of CV vs resume; that is which one to use.

Some companies ask for CVs, while some prefer resumes. 

The differences are:

 Curriculum VitaeResume
LengthCVs are comprehensive in nature. It can extend to 2-3 pages depending on the information you want to add.Resumes, on the other hand, are brief. All the information and heads are mentioned but not explained in detail.
Type of information providedA CV allows you to mention all your academic achievements and qualifications. It stays the same for all the jobs and is updated with time.Whereas resumes are, if not created, then customized according to specific jobs that you are planning on applying for. It is more focused on professional experience and skills than academic achievements.
Function Many times CVs are used for different academic purposes like taking up teaching jobs or for a PhD. But freshers can also use it for applying for company jobs.Resumes are best fitted for applying for jobs in different companies for various job titles.

But just as said above, there is not much difference between CV and resume, and many places even use it as a synonym.

Types of CV formats 

When it comes to CV formats, there are three types:

1. The Functional CV Format

The functional cv writing format mainly contains your skills and less about your employment history. This is why it is not much used among the applicants, and HR also does not refer to it. A common term used to refer to this type is skilled-based CV format.

2. The Reverse-Chronological CV

This cv format for freshers is highly used. Most of the applicants prefer this format over the first one. This format puts more emphasis on employment history and experiences. The reason it has the name reverse-chronology is that the most recent employment and experience will be mentioned first. It also makes it easy for HR to go through your CV.

3. The Combination CV

With this CV, the applicants get to mix both the CV resume format for functional CV and reverse-chronological CV. In this, you can mention skills, qualifications, experience, and work history and can do it in reverse chronology. Thus, all the essential details are appropriately highlighted.

Is choosing the right format important for freshers?

Because freshers are taking their first step into the job market, they need to have a strong CV that showcases their strengths and skills that make them better for job titles. It should hold the accolades and skills but should have the potential to grasp the HR managers’ attention.

In case the applicants find it challenging to choose the suitable format that will highlight their accomplishments, it is best to look through a few samples of CVs for freshers or CV format examples for freshers and then prepare your CV.

What is the CV format for freshers

The heads that are found in a CV template are as follows:

  • Personal contact details: the CV starts with the applicant’s full name, email address, and phone number. If they have other IDs related to Discord, Skype, or any other platform which can be used for interviews and communication purposes, make sure to put them in.
  • Career objective: under personal details, this section holds the career object and goals. If you want, you can refer to the career objective sample while writing your own. This summary will show your dedication and passion regarding the particular job field and why you chose that path. Some CV examples may not have this but, you can feel free to add them.
  • List of skills: This is the most essential part of a CV, and the HR managers pay extra attention to it. They do so to grasp the fact whether you have the relevant skills to perform the duties related to the job title and if you have shown successful results using these skills in the past. Skills like leadership skills, initiative, or job-related skills are primarily seen in a CV sample.

Few examples for reference are communication skills, leadership skills, computer skills, customer service skills, mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

  • Qualifications: next comes your educational qualifications. First comes your graduation degree/ diploma, then higher secondary certificate and lastly, secondary school certificate. To be more comprehensive, clearly mention your scores/grades. 
  • Accomplishments: this section is similar to the skills section. Here you list all your accomplishments related to education or any other field. Some of the examples given by multiple CV formats for jobs are scholarships, awards in different club activities and competitions, volunteer awards, and holding top grades throughout. 
  • Extracurricular activities: this is an optional section. You can omit it if you want. This usually is a place where you mention any hobbies or involvement in extracurricular activities. In case your skills and accomplishments are more, you can skip this section.

CV can be written for 2-3 pages allowing you to provide an accurate description of all the details. If you find it challenging to frame the CV format, then use CV template free download, and fill in the details.

Having the right format will make sure that there is a proper flow of details and everything necessary is properly highlighted. 

Sample 1 : CV Format for Freshers

fresher cv format

What is the best approach to writing a CV for grad schools?

As mentioned above, CV is also used for educational purposes like for admission to grad schools. It is mostly helpful if you plan on getting into an abroad university for a Master’s Degree. Below are few writing tips for CV for freshers applying for grad schools:

Heads to include in an academic CV

The heads that are usually found in most academic CV examples found online are:

  • Education details with grades in a top-down list.
  • Awards and honours. Limit to only impressive achievements like scholarships.
  • Research work in the same field of study.
  • Attach a hyperlink of publications written by you in your CV online.
  • Skills like language and computer skills. Make sure to mention the level of expertise.
  • Professional experience such as paid, unpaid, or volunteer jobs and internships.
  • Teaching experiences, if any. It shows your interest in leading a career in academics.
  • Membership details. In case you are part of some community or organization related to the field of study, you can also add that to your CV.

Bring the focus to your academics.

It is very important to focus more on academic accolades over professional experience. Mention all the diplomas, courses, and academic awards related to your field of study. Put in information about the university you graduated from and when you graduated. Keep it crisp, do not go into too much detail.

Have a clear structure and use impressive words

The structure should be exact. Have a proper header that has your full name and personal details. Then cleanly divide the information into several subheads and use bullets to list them.

Since you get 1-2 pages to fit everything, avoid adding too many unnecessary words.

Use impactful yet straightforward terms and words to convey the achievements. You can use the available CV template words but they are very common, so try being creative with the words.

Mention volunteer work and internships

Putting down information about volunteer work or internships will show the admission officer that you are serious about your field of study and want to grow your knowledge in it.

Moreover, it gives an impression that you chose the field for not monetary purposes but because you have an interest in it. This will help the officer to understand you more.


As this CV resume is what is representing you in front of the admission officers, you need to make sure that it is polished. When applying for multiple grad schools, positively proofread and edit the CV based on the different schools. 

Sample 2 : Resume Format for Freshers

sample resume example

Best Way to Write a CV for Freshers

Naturally, freshers do not have any job experience, but even for people who are starting their career late, these tips can help make a good CV.

  • Remember to edit the CV according to the job description. Read the job description thoroughly and then add appropriate skills and educational qualifications. Since there is a lack of experience, you need to make sure that your skills and qualifications fill up that gap.
  • Write the career objective very sincerely. For a few examples, go through some career objective samples. It should portray your charm and how serious you are to grow with the job opportunity. This needs to be done with 4-5 lines, no more than that.
  • Using the right words makes a lot of difference. Suppose the job requires initiative, teamwork, and leadership qualities. Use these terms so that out of the bunch of applications, your CV resume stands out because of these keywords.
  • Show that you have transferable skills. It is possible. You may not have experience in the field you are applying for but have worked in a different field. Instead of hiding this fact, put it forth so that the recruiters can know that you have additional skills from different industries that can be useful to them. 
  • Give your extracurricular a chance. Instead of only writing about achievements that suit the job, mention some charitable work or voluntary work done by you. Anything that will make a good addition to the CV.
  • And lastly, try adding a cover letter. When you are neither a fresher or have work experience, it can get difficult to prove your worthiness with just a CV. Thus, a cover letter will add your personality and strengths to the CV. Just keep it brief and professional.

Sample 3 : CV Template for Freshers

best way to write cv

Documents to attach with a CV when applying for a job

Even if you make a CV of 2 pages, you possibly cannot fit everything in detail to pursue the HR managers to hire you. This is why you are allowed to attach a few more documents with your CV when sending an application for a job opening.

Cover letter- this is the backbone of CV. It is a must when it comes to sending job applications. The content of this letter is what shows how much you understand the job description, the duties, and how much you can give to the company. You need to write it in such a manner that it will assure the managers that you will be able to handle all the delegated tasks.

Reference- references are a must with job interviews, but instead of sending it after you get an interview call, provide it with the CV online. Mention the contact details of only those past seniors, colleagues, and employers who have given you permission to do so beforehand. Refrain from adding contact numbers of past company details with whom you have not had much interaction. It is best to go with the employees and team heads with whom you were working closely.

Portfolio- You can attach a portfolio of your sample work with the CV or provide it when called for an interview. Choose the suitable samples that will showcase your skills important for the current job application. This will directly give the recruiters an insight into your work quality.

Writing Tips for CV for Freshers when Applying for any kind of Position 

Be to the point and crisp.

A CV format that is widely accepted is the one that is to the point and crisp. Using bullets and short sentences keeps the HR managers interested. Keep the tome professional and avoid adding unnecessary details and personal feelings. In case of reference, go ahead and CV format download.

Editing and feedback

Never submit the first draft of your CV. Always ask friends or family to proofread the CV and keep an open mind for constructive feedback. 

Adding a profile summary

Make a strong impact with a compelling profile summary. In a few lines, sum up all your career goals and try to show your enthusiasm and zeal to work with the company. 

Bold the internships

For freshers with no prior full-time job experience, internships are the only way to show professional experience. Thus, to highlight the internships and to attract the recruiter’s attention, bold the section for internships. 

Fonts used

Mostly the screening of applications is done using AI computer software, one of the reasons why keywords are important. To be more compatible with such software, use the most common fonts. For Devanagari, use Mangal size 12, and for English, it is Arial 12.  

Make use of space

These days mostly, cv online submission is practised. Thus you will need to type in the CV in word format. Try using as much space as possible. Do not use borders, and make the page margin minimum or keep it at default. For printing, use A4 size paper. You can use the available CV format download pdf for reference.

With the current job market being so competitive, the freshers already feel intimidated. But you can tackle this competition with a well-written and effective CV. Use all the needed pointers mentioned above for CV for freshers and make an eye-catching CV that grabs the recruiter’s interest. And no need to worry about the structures. Simply use a CV sample and templates to get an idea. 

FAQs on CV Format for Freshers

Q1. Which is better: CV or Resume?

Instead of wondering which is better, think which one will be able to highlight your skills and potential better.

A resume is a brief summary of all your qualifications, achievements, and experiences, whereas, with a CV, you can go into detail. The resume needs editing with every job application, but the CV need not be changed. Just add a cover letter according to the job with it.

Q2. How many pages should a CV be?

Many CV format words state that you can make it 2-3 pages. But in today’s fast-paced world, recruiters may not go through all the pages.

Best to create a resume for freshers of only 1 page. People with 7-10 years of experience can extend it to 2-3 pages because just 1 page cannot include all their work experience and skills.

Q3. Where can I get free CV templates?

There are many online websites where you can find free CV format pdf. These websites also avail you with templates. But the best way to get CV template free download is through Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Here many options are available to choose from.

Q4. What should I avoid writing under personal statements in CVs?

It goes without saying, do not put anything negative. Make sure to proofread it and ask others to give feedback on it. Avoid any kind of spelling or grammatical errors. Do not lie about your skills, but do your best to highlight your actual achievements and experiences.

And avoid using the word “passion”. It is too familiar and not very attention-grabbing. In case of doubts, refer to the online CV template for freshers.

Q5. What are “keywords”, and how to use them in CVs?

Keywords are some words that perfectly describe the job description or the words that prove that the applicant is capable of the job.

It is important to add relevant keywords because many times, the recruiters use these words to scan through the various applications. The ones without relevant keywords are rejected.

The best way to input keywords is by carefully referring to the job description. Once you understand the responsibilities, you will be able to know which keywords to use.

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