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How To Write Car Driver Resume – Format & Writing Tips

Looking for a job in the position of a car driver, then an individual will need a driver resume. A resume is a document that has all the details about the applicant and the first chance to impress the hiring manager.

A resume is the chance to show the recruiter that they are capable of the job; hence, it is essential that the personal driver resume is impressive and catches the recruiter’s attention. The CV needs to be an outline of all the qualifications and skills possessed by the driver. 

How To Write Car Driver Resume

A resume is the first document through which hiring managers can know the applicant and include all the necessary professional details. Sometimes a driving position must be considered an entry-level, but it also has a lot of competition.

Therefore, before applying for the car driver position, read the job description carefully and see the requirements for the post.

Highlight the talents and skills necessary to guarantee appropriate vehicle operation and safe travel at all times while creating the driver resume. Write the resume in the way it should attract the applicant immediately.

The resume must provide all the necessary information needed by the recruiter; hence it is important to include contact information, a list of skills, relevant work experience, education, and other sections like interests, volunteer work, references which are generally optional. It is important to mention only the key information on the driver resume and rule out unnecessary or unrelated information.

Format For Car Driver Resume

Today the driver position is considered important as the safety of people is in their hands, and hence the decision is taken very seriously. So all the skilled drivers need to write their driver resumes according to the proper format. Below is the professional driver sample. 


Contact Information:

Career Objective: Write the career goal aligning with your basic skills.

Educational Qualification: 

Professional Summary: Write the professional history along with the years of experience and previous employers.

Job Responsibilities: Write all that applicants have accomplished in the previous job and their profile.


Skills: Write all the relevant skills.

Do’s And Don’ts For Writing Car Drivers Resume

Do’s For Car Driver Resume

  • Start With Resume Summary: Resume summary is the introduction to the applicant. The resume summary should be short but must contain the information that can glance at an applicant. It must highlight the professional strengths.
  • Highlight Strength As Driver: If an applicant has work experience as the driver, then mention the career history in reverse chronological order, i.e., Last job detail should appear first. Mention the evolution as a driver, and all the skills gained. 
  • Customize The Resume: Applicant doesn’t necessarily have to rewrite the resume for each job application. But make sure to update experience, skill, and qualification as per the respective job. 
  • Use Data and Metrics to show achievements: Instead of writing all the achievements or skills, demonstrate them in data and metrics to make them more attractive. The more specific and clear the data and accomplishments are, the better the chance of hiring. 

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  • Easy To Read Format: Applicants should consider the font to be pleasant and readable to the recruiter. Font should be professional so that the applicant looks serious about the job. 
  • Mention Any Special Training: If the applicant has received any special training related to the job, mention it in the driver resume. This would leave a good impression, and the candidate would seem to be more reliable. Applicant can include certification or vehicle license, or certificate of any additional training.
  • Educational Qualification: Applicant should mention the highest degree at the top as it will show the ability to learn new things. However, don’t overboard the education section leave the space for the skills and experience section. 

Dont’s For Car Driver Resume

  • Don’t Mention Irrelevant Certificates: Don’t mention the experience or certificate that is not relevant to the job as it can distract the recruiter. For example, if an applicant has a license for truck driving, but the position is for the Car driver, then do not mention the truck driver’s license. 
  • Don’t Forget To Proofread: Mistakes in the resume can signal the recruiter that the applicant lacks skills and is not interested in the job. Make sure to proofread the driver resume and omit any mistakes to impact the recruiter positively. 
  • Don’t Use Functional Resume: Functional resumes emphasize the skill set of the applicant rather than experience. Therefore, a functional resume will downplay the work experience. However, if there is a gap on the resume applicant can consider a functional resume; otherwise, it should be avoided. Consult professional driver samples to know more.
  • Don’t Mention Personal Details: There is no need to include personal information like Date of birth, age, sex, race, religion, etc., as none of these are relevant to the ability to do the job.
  • Don’t Make Lengthy Resumes: Applicants should try and make their resumes of not more than 1 page. As the recruiter will have tons of applications, it would be impossible to go through multiple-page resumes, and essential information may go unnoticed. So keep it short and crisp. 

How To Write ATS Friendly Resume

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that allows for the computerized management of recruiting and hiring requirements. Employers use ATS to reject unqualified candidates by scanning resumes based on industry-specific keywords and phrases. This means if the resume lacks a particular keyword, it can be dismissed. Many large companies use ATS to select the relevant resumes; hence it is essential to use the right keyword. There are some of the ways to take action against the ATS: 

  • Understand the hiring process for drivers and mention the most requested skills.
  • Format the resume so that it is well organized and easy to read.
  • Pick keywords from the job description and use them in the driver resume strategically.

ATS-friendly Keywords for Professional Driver Samples

  • Clean Driving Record 
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Passenger Satisfaction
  • Commercial Driving Expertise
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Knowledge of State Roads and Highways
  • Understanding DOT Regulations
  • Road And Vehicle Safety And Compliance
  • Luxury Car Operations
  • Route Planning

How To Use Job Description Section For Car Driver Resume

Many job seekers assume that interview is the chance to impress the recruiter, whereas many applicants do not even reach that stage. Hence, the resume is the very first chance to impress the recruiter. So put effort into writing the driver resume to make an impression and make it to the interview.

The first step to make an impression is to write an outstanding job description as it is present on top of the resume and generally the first thing to notice.

Therefore, an applicant should include all the skills and experience in brief. Make sure to show all the achievements but do not exaggerate and be genuine. Applicants can check the driver resume examples and follow the format. 

How To Write Job Experience for Car Driver Resume

The job experience section is the most important part of driver resume, and hence it should be mentioned systematically. If you see the professional driver samples, this section showcases the previous work experience. List the name of companies and dates applicants have worked there. Create bullet points highlighting the most relevant skills.

Mention specific accomplishments that prove you are a suitable candidate for the job. If the applicant has more than three positions, they can leave an unrelated position and mention the recent and relevant experience.

If an applicant is fresher in driving, then explain how they are fit for the job role. Use percentages and data to quantify the achievements. 

Education Section: The Right Direction

Generally, many drivers start their careers without a college degree. But don’t worry, the lengthy education section is not necessary for the car driver.

However, some recruiters may need some particular degree. So listing a degree may increase the chances of getting the job. 

While drivers do not need any formal education, certifications are essential for the job. List the license and number here. If applicants have completed any training like road safety courses, etc., it should be included in the education section. 

Skills To Mention in Car Driver Resume

If an applicant wants to apply for the driver’s job, there are few skills that the applicant should ace and mention in the driver resume. Below are some of the examples of common driving skills to mention in the resume.

  • Strong Driving Record: Since the applicant will be driving for a significant part of the day, it is important to showcase that applicant has clear driving records with little to no legal litigation.
  • Navigation: Being a driver, navigation should be the most vital ability to ensure the ability to do the job. Strong navigation skills will save applicants from getting lost on the route and save a lot of time at a job.
  • Basic Maintenance Knowledge: Naturally, sometimes vehicles may break down. It will be beneficial if an applicant has the basic knowledge to fix simple mechanical problems. 
  • Punctual Time Management: Sometimes, drivers will have to follow a strict schedule to ensure the job is done promptly. Hence it is essential that the driver is punctual and knows time management.
  • Knowledge Of Safety Rules & Traffic Management: Drivers are responsible for themselves and the passengers; hence, it is essential to be updated with traffic rules and safety measures. Knowing all the rules will increase the chances of getting the job. 

How To Choose the Correct Car Driver Resume Format

No matter what skills applicants have or their experience, it will all be wasted if the resume format is unclear as the recruiter might not notice it and reject it. Therefore it is essential to write a crisp and organized driver resume.

A suitable format will allow both ATS and hiring managers to find the information they are looking for. Divide the resume into sections like ‘Education,’ ‘Work Experience, ‘Skill,’ etc., so that recruiters are not confused and can directly head to the section they are interested in. The driver resume should also contain a header that should include name and contact details. 

For professional driver samples, choose the minimal color and design elements and focus on readability. The font size should also be considered while writing the resume. Remember the following points before writing the driver resume.

  • Maintain a healthy ratio of white space to text.
  • Do not go overboard with colors or creative font; keep it simple. 
  • Use usual section Heading Titles
  • Create an attractive header with personal information but keep it brief.
  • Do not create a resume longer than one page. 

Conclusion on Car Driver Resume Format

A resume is the first chance to impress the recruiter; therefore, the driver resume should contain relevant skills and experience.

Resume will need to pass through ATS, so optimize the resume using keywords like a job description. Please pay special attention to the summary section, where applicants can show their personality and professional demeanor.

Make sure to keep a balance of white space to text and keep the resume simple. These tips will take the applicant to the interview section. 

FAQs on Car Driver Resume Samples

Q1. What is the optimum length for a driver resume?

Ans– Keeping the driver resume short and to the point; should not be more than 1 page.

Q2. What skills should I use in a driver resume?

Ans– Before writing the driver resume, read the job description carefully and mention the skills relevant to the description. For example, car drivers generally need safe driving, good customer service, basic car maintenance, a clean driving record, etc. 

Q3. What strengths should I mention in driver resume?

Ans– Applicant should mention strengths like safe driving, alertness, patience, responsible, self-discipline, Years of experience on the road. 

Q4. Where can I mention my driving license in the resume?

Ans– When applying for a driver resume it is essential to mention that the applicant has a driving license to assure the recruiter. Applicants can put the driving license information in the skills and abilities section. 

Q5. How should I simplify my resume?

Ans– To declutter and simplify the resume narrow down the career goal, write the summary in brief, edit the work experience section, consolidate the education section. Select the skills that are relevant to the job and omit others. Think like an employer and just put those things that seem to be important to rest everything can be skipped. Finally, proofread it before submitting the resume.

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