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Sales Director Job Description

Sales constitute a significant part of any business; it is the process of selling a commodity or any activity related to selling that is done in exchange for money. A significant part of the industries manufacture products and sell them; India is the fifth largest destination for retail. With such high demand, it is natural that employment for this sector will increase. As a result, it gives rise to sales-related jobs like – national sales director, sales representative, sales manager, etc. Employment is the key to solving sales-related problems in different industries as a single person cannot handle the entire process from manufacturing, production, and distribution. 

What is sales director

A sales director is a person who is responsible for the sales of a company. Their job is to oversee the management and training for both internal and external sales teams. In addition, every time a new project is launched or a product is introduced in the market, they formulate constructive sales strategies and teach other representatives about their best-selling formulas. Companies mainly offer sales director jobs to increase their profit, revenues, and customer goals. 

What does a sales director do

A sales director will be responsible for all sales-related issues and managing various operations related to sales. They have complete control over the sales and sales representatives of a company. A Sales director’s job is to take responsibility for the entire team for leading them and generating revenues according to the forecast and plans. Apart from all this, they are responsible for handling customers and providing them with the best services.

Sales director job duties include

  • They have to decide on the sales budget. 
  • Are responsible for finding prospects and leads. 
  • For increased sales, one should learn about the in-depth characteristics of a product or service. 
  • A sales director’s job is to analyse diverse strategies and suggest ideas for improvement. 
  • Should have an eye for detail to understand different customers’ problems, needs, and wants. 
  • Should be able to talk to prospective clients convincingly and provide solutions about their pain points. 

A sales director’s duties may vary for each organization, but these are some of the essential duties they should perform.

Job brief for sales director

When companies hire a sales director job, they state the duties and responsibilities that a person needs to perform. Typically a sales manager is responsible for developing sales growth strategies, tactics, and plans for a company. They should hit the desired target, build relationships with the customers, and understand their clients’ objectives. To achieve the stated goals, one should be highly driven and have exceptional knowledge of sales. It is only then that an individual will be able to conquer the revenue growth objectives of an organization. 

Responsibilities of a sales director

A sales director job consist of huge tasks as they have to look after the entire sales team, here are a few of them

  • Should be able to prepare detailed sales reports and submit them to the respective department. 
  • Should assess the cost, supply, and demand to determine the price of a product. 
  • Should work with customers to better understand their needs and increase sales. 
  • Conduct training and programs for the new employees.
  • It should help the company to expand the customers base and build strong relationships with them. 
  • Decide about the desired objectives and the sales manager that have to be achieved in a given period. 

Requirements for a sales director job 

  • Should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business administration, or other related fields. 
  • Experience as a sales executive, manager, director, or another post. 
  • Should have the ability to meet targets and resolve sales issues. 
  • Many companies prefer individuals who have completed an MBA and have more than five years of experience.  
  • Record of various deals disclosed by an individual to date.             

The average salary for a sales director

Here is a table that consists of the average sales director salary city wise – 

City Average salary
Mumbai ₹3966349
Bangalore ₹28,95,630
Chennai ₹16,00,000
Kolkata ₹300000
Pune ₹2200224
Hyderabad ₹25,49,584
Ahmedabad ₹36,79,467 

Key skills required for a sales director job 

  • Excellent communication skills to communicate with the team and higher staff verbally and non-verbally.
  • Should possess time management skills and be able to prioritize work and handle different tasks. 
  • Computer skills like the ability to type fast, use Microsoft excel, know about different software’s, etc. 
  • The ability of problem-solving and critical thinking to provide economical solutions to problems. 
  • Should possess good leadership qualities as a sales director job include managing and directing teams. 
  • Should have business development skills to take the business to the next level with specific skills and expertise. 

Why pursue a career as a sales director

Exposure to different people

When you step into the sales industry, you automatically get exposure to different individuals and customers as this profession involves interaction with other human beings. A sales director job is more exposed to these aspects as they have to deal with customer-related issues and manage the entire team. In addition, you will have to look after different projects and travel to new places if necessary; this will increase your knowledge and experience and help you deal with people better in the future.  

Salary benefits

Apart from the monthly salary a person gets, you get extra bonuses and commissions in the sales industry. It is hardly seen in other sectors; you will individually be rewarded if you have developed skills and work hard. As a sales director, you will be paid additionally for your tips, bonuses, and overtime when necessary. 


When you have the desired skillset as needed by the company and are excellently performing your duties, there is a high scope that you get promoted from a sales director. Many companies promote sales directors as CEOs or Managing directors due to the importance of their job. 

How to become a sales director

Get a degree

Becoming a sales director requires earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing, BA, or related fields. However, many recruiters prefer individuals with MBA degrees as well. 

Gain experience

After completing your education, you will have to gain experience to get a sales job; no matter what post it might be, if you can do an internship as a student in your university days, that will save your time. A minimum of five to seven years of experience in the sales and management industry is beneficial. 

Opt for promotion

If you want to grow in the sales industry, you have to express interest in higher roles and give your best to get promotions. If you perform with enthusiasm and attain the required objectives, you will be promoted to managing director or CEO. 

Get certification

Although certification might not be required, getting professional certificates will give you skills and legit knowledge recognition and make you stand out in the crowd. These are a few steps that will help you get a good sales director job; if you think you are tailored for this position and can handle the work stress, you should pursue this career as it has many benefits. You will surely be compensated for your efforts as a sales director and will get various other financial perks that you usually don’t get in other fields. 

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